Parenting by the Parables

Parenting by the Parables

Parenting by the Parables was held March 17-18, 2023

A Guide to Spiritual Parenting & Grandparenting

Guest Speaker - Aubrey Johnson

Minister of the Old Hickory Church of Christ, Nashville, TN


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Sessions Included:

Session #1 - The Purpose of Parenting: The Nobility, Creativity, & Bravery of Parenting

Session #2 - The Secret of the Seed: Do Your Best, and God Will Bless

Session #3 - The Unforgiving Servant: Forgive Anything Against Anyone

Session #4 - The Two Treasures: Guard Your Heart and Mind

Session #5 - The Lost Boy: Every Person Matters


Aubrey Johnson Bio:

Aubrey preaches for the Old Hickory Church of Christ in Nashville, Tennessee. His workshops include Dynamic Deacons, Successful Shepherds, Effective Elders, Organized Overseers, Get Fit!, Parenting by the Parables, and The Best Marriage Ever. Aubrey is the author of 14 books:

• The Barnabas Factor: Realize Your Encouragement Potential

• The Seed Principle: Sowing the Life of Your Dreams 

• Love More, Sin Less: Developing a God Shaped Heart

• Renewing Your Spiritual Life: 13 Steps for Maximum Spiritual Growth

• The Best Husband Ever: The Challenge of Loving Like Jesus

• God’s Game Plan: Strategies for Abundant Living

• Dynamic Deacons: Champions of Christ’s Church

• The Deacon’s Wife: Encouraging Words for Wives of Church Leaders

• Music Matters In the Lord’s Church

• Spiritual Patriots: Jude’s Call to Arms (Hearts of Peace, Courage of Steel)

• Consider One Another: God’s Answer to Incivility

• Successful Shepherds: Leading People in Paths of Righteousness

• Effective Elders: Creating the Future Together

• Parenting by the Parables