Intergenerational Seminar

Intergenerational Seminar

Forming the Generations:

Why All Ages Matter to the Church

All of the session were recorderd and are now available on our church YouTube channel.


Franklin Church of Christ YouTube Channel


Week 1 - Dwelling in the Word: An Intergenerational Experience

As we start our special Wednesday series, we will begin by sharing in an intergenerational experience together as a church.  This hands-on activity will also be combined with reflections on how it impacted another community of faith.  All our FYG teens (6th-12th grade) and adults will meet in the Fellowship Hall for this first night!

 Week 2 - What’s the Big Deal About Intergenerational Ministry? 

This week will introduce the concept of intergenerational ministry by focusing on the various ages that make up our local congregations. Central to bringing the generations together is understanding what makes each age group similar and different.  All our FYG teens (6th-12th grade) and adults will meet together again for this week.

Week 3 - Why Does Intergenerational Ministry Matter for the Church?

This week will make the case for practicing intergenerational ministry in the local church. Through Scripture, stories, and studies we will better see the benefits of bringing the generations together through an intentional and regular rhythm. 

Week 4 - How Can We Practice Intergenerational Ministry Here?

This week will explore a variety of ways churches are trying to become more intergenerational. We will look at some concrete examples from other churches as well as brainstorm together what it might look like at this church to bring the generations together.